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It’s only when you live away from home far too long that you start realising the value of it. I have never loved Assam more than I do now when I know how beautiful it is in its simplicity. The greenery, the slow lifestyle, the obsession with food, the rich culture, gorgeous travel destinations – there’s so much that’s yet to be explored and brought to the spotlight for rest of the world to see. It pinches sometimes when people cannot think beyond tea or one-horned rhino at the mention of Assam. But then again, so little has been said before about the Northeast Indian state and its people that it’s about time we changed that.

There’s a saying in Assam when it comes to referring to its people – lahe lahe, signifying their slow pace or attitude to life. Seems like the Assamese people figured it out long back that there’s no point in leading a fast-paced life with no time to stop and appreciate the beauty around you. So here’s an earnest attempt to showcase more from the state of Assam and make you fall in love with it. The Assam Track Mind blog is not just for me but for all those who hold Assam with as much love in their hearts as I do.

Here’s also a special mention of all the contributors of this blog – Arnab Laskar, Antara Phookan, Namrata Hazarika, Attrika Hazarika, Arunima Borah, Prasenjit Borah and Dishant Bhasin.

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Plavaneeta Borah

(Image credit: Arnab Laskar)