The One-Horned Rhino

Apart from tea, if there is anything else that characterises Assam as much, it has to be the one-horned rhinocerous, called ‘gaur’ by the locals.

Ghila Pitha

To pick the first from the platter of pithas, we have ghila pitha, also known as tel pitha, which are sweet fritters made using rice flour and jaggery.

Chung Bungalow

A drive through the meandering roads of various districts in Assam and you are bound to come across old, colonial-style bungalows – known as chung bungalow – still withholding their charm.

Masor Tenga

It’s hard to imagine an Assamese meal without Masor Tenga being served at the table. The light fish curry has many versions and is a beloved comfort food of the Assamese people.